Virtual Private Servers

High-performance managed private servers.

Managed VPS

Our managed cloud virtual private server hosting solutions set forth benefits to client of dedicated server hosting, at a manageable cost. You can get the same root access features and choice of operating system, daily backups, unlimited domains and unlimited inbound bandwidth, ability to host unlimited domain, and unparalleled security for your VPS.


We run hardware that uses Intel Xeon Multi-processor multi-core VPS nodes, fully redundant RAID drive arrays and exquisite next generation data centers.

Custom Setup

Instead of acquiring a fixed hardware configuration, provision hardware resources easily such as disk, memory, and CPU with ease. All these possible with cloud hosting custom solution.

Enterprise SAN

Hypervisors hosting virtual environments are connected on a resilient multiple Gigabit network to enterprise SAN that stores cloud data, providing high and scalable I/O performance.

Control Panel

Easy to use OnApp control panel to build and manage virtual environments and monitor its performance.

Cloud VPS for Business

Cloud computing resources offer beneficial features to a wide variety of individual users and companies. Affordability, customization, and consistent, updated provisioning are the core components of our cloud hosting services. MIW delivers public and private cloud hosting options, supported by a capable staff that possesses extensive web hosting knowledge. Whether you’re looking to resell hosting, or are in need of reliable support for a high-traffic website, we offer a number of inclusive service plans.

Is Managed VPS Right for You?

One of the many benefits of managed vps hosting is the fact that users don’t have to manage their own hardware. We monitor our data centers round-the-clock to ensure 100% server uptime and functionality. Also, because vps involves pooling resources on multiple virtual/physical servers, you’ll enjoy added security and resilience.

Flexible and Cost-Effective.

For many different types of businesses, cloud computing provides a reliable platform that can be utilized for everything from e-commerce to application development to reselling hosting. Cloud hosting provides access to on-demand services that can be increased or decreased to meet website traffic. Also, because cloud resources are provided via the Internet, you’ll benefit from consistent updates which will likely cut back on new software upgrades.