Custom-made Cloud

We develop and deploy custom cloud-based applications each designed to be browser-agnostic, future-proof and highly scalable.

To Suit Your Needs

When you need a suit, you can easily find a style you like at the store. However, in order to fit you just right, a tailor ensures a proper fit. After some adjustments, you’ll be looking good in your new suit.

Software for business is the same. A custom application can help you and your team ensure you are ahead of the curve, and delivering your services fast.

With a customised cloud application, you can get specific tasks regular on-the-shelf software doesn’t offer. This application can range from something your team uses to make the process faster, or an application for your customers to state their needs for you to address.

MIW can help you develop and maintain a cloud based customized application for your business, whether it’s mobile or a web service. That way, you can then enjoy all the benefits that come with it without worrying about the details.


Improved security. You can get better protection for your business with better security measures that you off-the-shelf software does not offer. This includes better data encryption and regular threat removal.

Better productivity. For internal applications, you can see better improvement in processing and sharing data within your team, increasing productivity along the way.

It’s just for you. Because the application is customised, it will only run with your business, putting you ahead of the competition.

Mobile App Development

Get a mobile app that is specifically designed to help you and your team stay connected even when you’re on the go.

Web App Development

A browser-based application tailored specifically for your company that can help increase your team’s connectivity and make collaborating with each other a lot simpler.

Talk with us today to find out how we can help you get started so you can enjoy maximized efficiency for you and your future customers.