Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe that the future of technology is still through people -through our young dreamers.

We believe in the future.

We go with and beyond technology to reach out helping our society. Our knowledge on IT support extends to educational institutions. We believe that the future of technology is still through people – through our young dreamers. And with that, we intend to continuously support our Filipino students with proper tools to help them cope with the demand of the business industry for technical competencies come time of employment.

Our pledge to this society is to not to separate able from other individuals.
They, like us, are entitled to have the right education and be provided with
the proper equipment they need.

We help businesses grow – this is our mission. Behind that, we also aspire to use perform our mission on different industry, helping school for students with special needs. Making it happen, MIW does IT assistance to a non-profit organization who gives education to special students. This initiative and more defines our purpose of existence in the IT era. And we are looking forward for more activities to bridge the gap between technology and education.

And in the future, one of them may become our next geeks and inventors.
We cannot afford to let these talents be put to waste. By then, MIW will be
very honored and proud that once we become part of their growth.